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Nas – Halftime tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Halftime - Nas

słowa do nauczenia się


Check me out y'all, Nasty Nas in your area

About to cause mass hysteria

Before a blunt, I take out my fronts

Then I start to front, matter of fact, I be on a manhunt

You couldn't catch me in the streets without a ton of reefer

That's like Mlcom X catching the Jungle Fever

King poetic, too much flava, Im major

Atlanta and braver, I pull a number like a pager

Cuz I'm am ace when I face the bass

40 side is the place that is giving me grace

Now wait, another dose and you might be dead

And I'm a Nike head, iwear chains that excite the feds

And aint' a damn thing gonna change

?'m a perform a strange show the mic wonder was born the game?

Nas, why did you do it

You know you got the mad fat fluid when you rhyme, it's halftime


It's halftime...

It's like that, you know it's like that

I got at him, now you never get the mic back

When I attack, there ain't an army that could strike back

So I react never calmly on a hype track

I set it off wit my own rhyme

Cuz I'm as ill as a convict who kills for phone time

I'm max like cassettes, I flex like sex

In your stereo sets, Nas will catch wreck

I used to hustle, now all I do is relax and strive

When I was young, I was a fan of the Jackson 5