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Nas – It Ain't Hard To Tell tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

It Ain't Hard To Tell - Nas

słowa do nauczenia się

It ain't hard to tell, I excel, then prevail

The mic is contacted, I attract clientele

My mic check is life or death, breathin a sniper's breath

I exhale the yellow smoke of buddha through righteous steps

Deep like The Shinin', sparkle like a diamond

Sneak a uzi on the island in my army jacket linin

Hit the Earth like a comet, invasion

Nas is like the Afrocentric Asian, half-man, half-amazin

Cause in my physical, I can express through song

Delete stress like Motrin, then extend strong

I drank Moet with Medusa, give her shotguns in hell

From the spliff that I lift and inhale, it ain't hard to tell

The buddha monk's in your trunk, turn the bass up

Not stories by Aesop, place your loot up, parties I shoot up

Nas, I analyze, drop a jew-el, inhale from the L