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There was thunder and lightning.
There were thunders and lightnings.

When only one thing is meant we say a clap of thunder and a flash or bolt of lightning.

Breads are sold at the baker's.
Bread is sold at the baker's.

We can say a loaf of bread and loaves of bread: I bought a loaf (two, three, etc.,loaves] of bread.

Her luggages are at the station.
Her luggage is at the station.

Baggage, another word for luggage, can't be used in the plural either: The baggage is ready for the train.

Furnitures are often made of wood.
Furniture is often made of wood.

Furniture is a singular noun and always takes a singular verb and pronoun. A piece of furniture means one thing only.

We didn't have many fruits this summer.
We didn't have many fruit this summer.

We rarely use the plural form fruits which means different kinds of fruit: Cyprus produces oranges, apricots, and other fruits.

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