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Billiards is a very difficult game.
Billiard is a very difficult game.

Billiards, draughts, darts are always plural, but are followed by verbs in the singular.

The school builds good characters.
The school builds good character.

The plural form characters denotes the letters of the alphabet or the people in a book or play.

Breads are sold at the baker's.
Bread is sold at the baker's.

We can say a loaf of bread and loaves of bread: I bought a loaf (two, three, etc.,loaves] of bread.

Nick gave me some good advice.
Nick gave me some good advices.

When we mean only one thing we say a piece of advice: Let me give you a piece of advice.

You were very foolish to do that.
You was very foolish to do that.

Was is singular and were is plural, but with the pronoun you, even when it's singular in meaning, we always use were.

In conditions and wishes we can use were with the singular: If I were you, I'd go. I wish I were rich.

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