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Today I've many works to do.
Today I've many work to do.

The plural form works means a factory or the writings of an author: The works of Shakespeare are many. I visited the steel works.

Nothing's left, all are lost.
Nothing's left, all is lost.

All meaning everything, takes a singular verb, all meaning everybody, takes a plural verb: All of us are present.

You was very foolish to do that.
You were very foolish to do that.

Was is singular and were is plural, but with the pronoun you, even when it's singular in meaning, we always use were.

In conditions and wishes we can use were with the singular: If I were you, I'd go. I wish I were rich.

We didn't have many fruits this summer.
We didn't have many fruit this summer.

We rarely use the plural form fruits which means different kinds of fruit: Cyprus produces oranges, apricots, and other fruits.

English is easier than German.
English are easier than German.

Names of languages are singular and always take a singular verb.