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Распространенные ошибки

Choose the correct option
I don't like these kind of games.
I don't like this kind of game.
Also possible:
I don't like games of this kind.

The demonstrative word (this/that etc.) must agree with its noun. In the example, kind is singular and so this must agree with it.

The dog lay down on the grass.
The dog lay down on the grasses.
There is lots of people in the cinema.
There are lots of people in the cinema.

People, meaning nation, is singular. The plural is peoples: The Greeks are a brave people. The peoples of Europe are often engaged in war.

Many people lost their lives at sea.
Many people lost their life at sea.

In English, we use words like life, heart soul, body, mind in the plural when they refer to more than one person.

The scissor is lying on the table.
The scissors are lying on the table.

All names of things consisting of two parts (like scissors, trousers, spectacles, shears, pliers) take a plural verb. We can say: a pair of (scissors, etc.) is...