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Kevin is learning at Gordon College.
Kevin is studying at Gordon College.

The expression I learn at (Gordon College, etc.) is incorrect. Say I study at (Gordon College, etc.) or I am a student at (Gordon College, etc.).

Lucy is reading algebra in her room.
Lucy is studying algebra in her room.

To study means to try to learn, to read doesn't imply any effort. A student studies English, maths, history and other subjects, he/she reads a story, a letter, or a newspaper. She is reading for a degree is also correct.

The bowl is made of glass.
The bowl is made from glass.
The statue is made from marble.
The statue is made of marble.

We usually use of when you can still recognise the original material. We use from when the original materials are unrecognisable. In most cases either is possible.

These flowers grow up very quickly.
These flowers grow very quickly.
When I grow I'll be a doctor.
When I grow up I'll be a doctor.

To grow means to become bigger, to grow up means to become an adult.

Other meanings of grow. to occur naturally in the ground: Rice grows in Egypt; to cause to grow: We grow flowers in our garden; to allow to grow: He grew a beard; to become: The nights grow cold in winter.

I want to lend a book from you
I want to borrow a book from you
Will you please borrow me a book?
Will you please lend me a book?

To borrow is to get something from someone, and to lend is to give something to someone.

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