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Errori Comuni

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Do you want to see my collection?
Do you like to see my collection?

Do you like to do something? means do you enjoy doing it as a habitual action. Do you want to do something? means do you wish to do it now.

I would/'d like means I want: I would/'d like (= I want) to play tennis today. Would you like (= do you want) to go for a walk with me? Would/'d like is more polite than want.

The carpenter did a large table.
The carpenter made a large table.
You must make your work carefully.
You must do your work carefully.

To make primarily means to construct or manufacture something, while to do means to accomplish a thing.

Common exceptions with make and do.

(a) To make a mistake, to make a promise, to make a speech, to make an excuse, to make haste, to make fun of, to make progress, to make a noise, to make a bed (= to prepare the bed for sleeping on)

(b) To do good, to do evil, to do your best, to do your duty, to do someone a favour, to do wrong, to do a puzzle, to do business, to do away with, to do gymnastics, to do exercises.

I went to the baker's to take bread.
I went to the baker's to buy bread.

Never use take in the sense of buy.

I'll go to bed early tonight.
I'll sleep early tonight.

To go to bed denotes the act of lying down on a bed in preparation for going to sleep. We can say that a person went to bed at nine o'clock, but that he didn't sleep until eleven o'clock. Then he slept soundly. Go to sleep means to fall asleep. He went to sleep while he was in the cinema.

I've now left football.
I've now given up football.
Also possible:
I've now stopped playing football.

Never use leave in the meaning of give up, or stop something.


Sory, but this user can't accept your call now.

Sorry, but you can't call to this user.