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Errori Comuni

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My English book is with my brother.
My brother has my English book.

Avoid using be with in the sense of have. Be with means to be together or in company of: He is with his parents

Don't interfere in my private business!
Don't interfere with my private business!
Paul is always interfering with the equipment.
Paul is always interfering in the equipment

Interfere in means to concern yourself with something which you shouldn't. Interfere with means to do some damage or be a nuisance to someone or something.

I am convinced of Robin's innocence.
I am persuaded of Robin's innocence.

Persuade and convince have very similar meanings and are mostly interchangeable in modern English: Delia persuaded me to take the exam = Delia convinced me to take the exam. Except in the case of to be convinced of something meaning to believe something.

Care must be taken not to confuse persuade with pursued, the past tense of pursue (= to follow).

The examiner let me sit quietly until everyone had finished.
The examiner made me sit quietly until everyone had finished.

Don't use let in the sense of make, meaning to force.

Penny didn't leave me to get my book.
Penny didn't let me get my book.

Let means to allow. Leave means to abandon or to go away from: Do you leave your books at school?