Impara il vero inglese da film e libri.

Aggiungi parole o frasi per imparare ed esercitati con altri studenti.


Errori Comuni

Choose the correct option
You can't make Emma understand.
You can't make Emma to understand.
I could feel her heart beat.
I could feel her heart to beat.
Also possible:
I could feel her heart beating.

If the verbs make, see, watch, hear, feel, are used in the passive, to must be used: He was seen to leave the house; He was heard to speak in English.

I could not see you yesterday.
I could not to see you yesterday,
Also possible:
I couldn't see you yesterday
May I visit you next weekend?
May I to visit you next weekend?
My mother can swim very well.
My mother can to swim very well.

Always write the negative form cannot as one word. Alternatively, the short form can't can be used informally


Sory, but this user can't accept your call now.

Sorry, but you can't call to this user.